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Best Use of Labels


"Minnesota State Fair" by Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd.


This award is all about the creative use of labels and how well they are displayed. The Minnesota State Fair structure does that very well! The iconic giant slide, food on a stick – milk in the bar – all displayed so creatively in this structure. A special note on this piece is the corn dog and donut on a stick also represents a ‘one’ and a ‘zero’ for the 10th year canstruction® has been taking place here at the Mall of America.

Best  Meal


"Feast Like A Viking" by Dunwoody College of Technology and Mortenson Construction


There is something to be said about moods changing to positive when nourished with food. Lots of vegetables and fish are present in this structure which brings a great source of nutrients and protein.  Take a special note on the brilliant use of tuna packs for the water’s edge! Nicely done.

Structural Ingenuity
Honorable Mention


"Piling on the Food" by VAA, LLC


Harvest time for crops in the Midwest is a busy time for farmers and front-end loaders. The judges were impressed with the techniques used to strap the wheels, making special use of the can tops in the wheels, and the tension wires and cantilevered arms with the large cans balancing so well on top.

Juror's Favorite
Most Cans Winner


"Many Arms Feeding Many People" by Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc. and LKPB Engineers, Inc.


This award is given for overall structure, presentation, use of labels – Best in Show. When reading the poem they created for their big green octopus – and how it uses its’ many arms to feel many family plates really identifies reaching out to others. The structure itself has nicely curving forms using the floor of the mall for movement, adding to the overall composition. It is amazing that only one kind of can was used to put this structure together, but the turning and spacing of labels and cans are well done creating contrast in the proper locations giving depth and dimension to this piece.

People's Choice


"We CAN  Avenge Hunger!" by DLR Group


Super Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. Our sculpture’s Super Heroes come in the

large variety, BUT it’s what’s inside that counts. The healthy components of Iron Man

and Captain America will help to save the world again, by helping to feed people in need.

Evil Doers beware, because We CAN Avenge Hunger!

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