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Advance Your Career

Gain the resources and support to take your career to the next level with SDA. Our members represent a national network of business professionals who are advancing administrative best practices in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, construction, and their related fields. We are business operations experts known for rising through the ranks at our firms, where we make an impact by optimizing processes and supporting the kind of positive workplace culture that attracts both clients and prospective employees.


With the support of SDA and access to our training, education and robust national network of chapters and online forums, you’ll become known as a go-to professional who can not only speak to the best ways of working, but implement and maintain them to continually grow your skills and add value to your firm.

Join today and get access to SDA’s

• Conferences and seminars
• e-Learning programs
• Webinars
• Certified Design Firm Administrator (CDFA) program
• Local chapters
• Member Center and online forums

Refer a Member

Refer a colleague and get rewarded for each person that joins. More members mean more connections and resources for you!

The SDA Ambassador Award is open to all members. 

If someone joins SDA because of a member recommendation (and tells us when they complete their registration), the current member can earn rewards as follows:

  • Refer one member, receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card.

  • Refer three members, your SDA membership will be extended an additional 3 months!

  • Refer five members, receive a $50 Amazon e-gift card!

The program runs from October 1, 2022, through May 31, 2023.

Our Members

Our members come from architecture, engineering, and construction firms across Minnesota.

This range of representation in the industry helps us to expand our knowledge of the many facets of the AEC industry.

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