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Congratulations to Kodet Architectural Group - a Canstruction award winner for the 2016 Internationa

The No Longer Hungry Caterpillar

Kodet Architectural Group won 1st place in the "Best Meal" category for the 2016 International Citywide Competition. The No Longer Hungry Caterpillar won for using canned food ingredients which would make the best well balanced, healthy meal. 4,911 cans of veggies, beans, tuna, pasta and soup were used to create this 10' X 10' X 10' structure.

The Twin Cities made the Top 25 Cities list with a total of 48,794 pounds of food. In 2016 more than 10,000 volunteers participated in Canstruction competitions from 150 cities are the world. Judges at each Citywide Competition selected one winner in each of 6 award catagories: Best Use of Labels, Best Meal, Juror's Favorite, Structural Ingenuity, Honorable Mention, and People's Choice. Winners of the International Competition were selected from the local winners of the Citywide Competitions. In 2016, nearly 8 million pounds of food was raised from Canstruction competitions to benefit local food banks and hunger relief organizations around the world.

Canstruction® is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity which hosts competitions and exhibitions creating awe- inspiring giant structures made entirely out of full cans of food. Teams of design industry professionals including architects, engineers, and construction firms participate in Canstrucion competitions in over 150 cities around the world each year. Afterwards, all food is donated to local food banks. Since 1992, Canstruction has raised nearly 50 million pounds of food for hunger relief organizations around the world with its signature, trademarked CanArt®. Canstruction is one of the largest internationally recognized food drives of its kind.

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