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2022 Wrapped

In 2022 our Chapter continued to deliver virtual learning and even resumed a few in person events. We feel lucky to be able to see familiar faces and meet a few new ones too!

Sandy Beckel, Marie Tomala, and Kim Tuzinski on tour during EdSymposium 2022

EdSymposium 2022

EdSymposium resumed in-person in South Dakota for 2022. Sandy Beckel was recognized for the Lifetime Achievement Award and Kim Tuzinski received a Star Award.

Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children

Volunteers from our chapter gathered at Feed My Starving Children to pack meals for the people of Honduras.

Tour at the Rafter Apartments

Each year our Chapter chooses a location for an in person tour. This year we visited Rafter Apartments in Northeast, Minneapolis, designed by member firm, Cuningham Group. Our members had the opportunity to tour the building and ask an engineer about the project.

Brenda Dever, Kim Tuzinkski, Laura Heck, Elizabeth Foster, Audrey Johnson, and Sandy Beckel on tour at the Rafter Apartments

Planning Potluck 2022

Brews and Social Media

Chapter members and guests gathered at Able Brewery for a discussion on creating an authentic social media presence. Attendees had the opportunity to update their headshots with a photographer and learn about catering their social media profiles to their true personality.

Planning for 2023

In October we gathered for a potluck hosted by member, Ellie Staricka. We gathered around a fire to make plans for 2023. We hope to make this an annual potluck event.

Ellie Staricka - Recipient of Ambassador Program Benefits

Ambassadors for SDA

SDA National announced the first ever Ambassador Program, and our very own Ellie Staricka was the first to participate. From now through May 31, 2023, members that refer new members to join the SDA receive benefits including gift cards and extended membership dues.

Holiday Party

Our Chapter 2022 with a holiday party and dinner. Attendees gathered at The Flower Bar at Studio Louise in Stillwater, Minnesota. With expert guidance, everyone walked away with a fantastic floral centerpiece.

After our crafting session, the 2023 Board was installed by Sandy Beckel. The 2023 Board consists of President Kim Tuzinski, Past President Sandy Beckel, Secretary Brenda Dever, and Treasurer Ellie Staricka.

Cheers to a fantastic 2023!

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